"I have been asked to thank you for the very efficient way you dealt with this work and the efforts which were taken by your staff to ensure the cleanliness of the working area during the contract period."

Project Details

Workplace Nursery Queen Mary's Hospital


workplace-nursery-queen-marys-hospital-1-tb.gif Working in conjunction with Hazle McCormack Young (Architects) and The Norman Bromley Partnership (Mechanical & Electrical Consultants), this was a challenging project awarded by Queen Mary's Hospital Trust for the construction of a Workplace Nursery in 32 weeks.

This structure is based on a segmental steel frame comprising straight members, blocks, compound taper cuts and a lot of calculations were used to create the curve seen in the photographs. High performance glazing was used
throughout the building to provide a pleasing and naturally lit interior.


The construction of this building concentrated the minds of all those involved, even on the simplest of tasks (eg. Fitting doors, windows) due to the curves
throughout the building and intersections with different angled surfaces.

The Nursery also included a variety of different materials and finishes to provide the appearance required by the Client and the professional team;