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Command of the Heights

Riverside One

Barrier Ditch, Chatham

The demolition of the former Riverside One Recording Studios in Chatham comprised part of the Command of the Heights project, which included the transformation of the Fort Amherst Spur Battery into an amphitheatre (please see our other Command of the Heights project page for the Fort Amherst amphitheatre information).

The site is also known as the Barrier Ditch, which was a crucial part of military defences in the area.  The ditch was built during the Seven Years War (1756-1763) and ran from where Riverside One is located, up to Fort Amherst.  Riverside One was a ditch and embankment which dramatically divided the military and civilian areas of Chatham.

During this work we discovered significant archaeological finds.  These included the buried wall of the ditch itself, limestone lithograph blocks dating back to the 1800's and three casemates.  These casemates were used to defend the Barrier Ditch from invaders attacking from the river.

Riverside One has now opened as a new public greenspace with seating and information boards.

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